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About Sitka Alaska

Baranof Island is one of the three major islands in the Tongass National Forest.  Sitka is a small seaside community of almost 9,000 residents located on the west coast of Baranof Island.  A small body of water called Sitka Sound is comprised of 100’s of tiny islands that lead out to the Pacific Ocean.  Sitka got its name from the original inhabitants, a major tribe of Tlingets, who called the village “Shee Atika”.  The Russian explorer Vitus Bering discovered Sitka in 1714.  Sitka was once the Russian Alaska Capital.  Nested in the middle of the Tongass National Forest, Sitka has a very mild climate.  Temperatures can reach up in the 70’s during the summer.  Rain or shine, Sitka is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska!  Why don’t you come and see for yourself!